Audiophile Gateway Germany is dedicated to classical audio and strives for the identification of misconceived or discontinued high grade hifi concepts to be developed new under the brand name EternalArts. 

With the aim to rediscover the variety of ideas and products of the Great Times of HiFi, EternalArts products are distributed all over the world.

Logo EternalArtsThe EternalArts OTL tube amplifier Mk I based on Julius Futterman was the first product. It was released in 2004 as limited edition and is nowadays out of stock. Between 2004 and 2008, triode amplifiers with the famous ancient  triodes AD1, 300B, 2A3, 45 and 50 were produced in small quantities or as unique specimen to trace the fascination of the original tubes. To judge these tube amplifiers appropriately, a well-fitting high efficiency speaker was developed as resonance enclosure equipped with the famous Saba-Chassis from the fifties. On the occasion of Europe’s biggest HiFi-Fair High End 2008 at Munich, Audiophile Gateway Germany proudly presented the Mk II version of the OTL amplifier in a brand new design as modern, elaborately ennobled redraft of the H3 Stereo Amplifier which in the sixties established the myth of the ingenious New York based technician Julius Futterman.

The sound of this amplifier is phenomenal. More products for the expansion of the program followed.



A list of all reviews: "EternalArts Testspiegel"


EternalArts Full Tube Preamplifier FTP

The FTP extends the EternalArts series by a modern version of a classical Stereo preamplifier, which is completely based on tubes. It combines versatile equipment and modern ease of use with exquisite tube sound. Thanks to its design and tonal capabilities, it sets a new benchmark for preamplifiers with tube technology and it will make history.

A full-featured  premium class preamplifier, operating totally on vacuum tube technology– refined through up-to-date technology and manufacturing. Designed with two high quality, variable phono-input-stages as reference to Vinyl-Enthusiasts.The possibility to adjust these for nearly every pick-up system by altering their input impedance and their input capacity is especially interesting for vinyl listeners.


EternalArts OTL Mark II

Julius Futterman´s cicuitry is as ingenius as simple: the speakers are directly connected without an output transformer. Consequently, the impulsivity is considerably higher and the reproduction of the wave form of the musical signals is more accurate. A circuitry without an output transformer has the advantage of lower and upper threshold frequencies because no limitations through winding capacitance and leakage inductance of the transformer become operative. 


EternalArts OTL Mono Blocs MB

Following the tradition of the amplifier line of the great Julius Futterman, the new EternalArts OTL Mono Blocs succeeded his famous models on the occasion of the High End 2009 in Munich. Julius Futterman named his very powerful mono amplifiers H-3aa. The EternalArts mono blocs are the forceful upgrade of the proven, highly stable and effective advancement of the EternalArts OTL circuitry variation.

After several real life tests of the OTL Mk II, in which two OTL Stereo-amplifiers were configurated in parallel,  we could discover the same sonic virtues for which the Mk II is praised. As entry stage and driver have been powerful enough to also feed the main amplifier section with eight beam power tetrodes, the monos were designed with the same technical elements and parts used in the OTL Mk II. They now round up the line for higher demand for power output.                  


EternalArts Dipol

Just as a transformer-less (OTL) tube amplifier comes closest to the goal of having a wide open dynamic, accurate music reproduction, a loudspeaker cabinet that does not influence the sound has proved a stubborn challenge for both, loudspeaker designers and audiophiles.

EternalArts has, in collaboration with the renowned loudspeaker manufacturer 'ECOUTON Audiolabor' newly interpreted the principle of an open system in a compact 3-way dipole loudspeaker.
The result is a 16 ohms fullrange dipole with dimensions of 125,5 x 37 x 26 cm. In its impressive piano black laquered finish, it must be one of the most compact grand loudspeaker systems available and with its high impedance, it is an ideal partner for our OTL amplifiers and of course for any other high quality tube amplifier.



EternalArts DVB-S Tube Audio Satellite Tuner DT

As a combination of a digital tuner stage for the DVB satellite system and the finest tube technology, EternalArts presents a DVB-S satellite tuner with tube output stage. The result is an extraordinary tuner, which from now on represents the ultimate of radio reception.

Listening to  radio in its highest evolutionary step. The most modern and sophisticated Tuner concept in combination with a fine cathode follower tube output stage after classic pattern. Never before radio has been that versatile and fascinating. The ARD alone transmit about 60 channels to a transponder of the satellite ASTRA, which can be received with 338kBits/s and 48 kHz sampling frequency.

With the Eternal Arts Digital Tuner DT, Sample Rate Converter and the D/A Converter are inertia divergent. The extraordinary sound of the tube output stage refines the high quality radio program. Combined with the most modern ease of use: All functions are accessible via the infrared remote control. Or you could control every function with the single button on the device.


EternalArts OTL Headphone Amplifiers

The EternalArts OTL headphone amplifiers are the application of the brilliant Futterman-idea on a tube amplifier for headphones of highest quality. The compact amplifier module is designed to connect two high-impedance HiFi-headphones. The board works with its electronic components inside the two-piece powder-coated sheet steel housing with high gloss black acrylic front, gold, nickel or rubber feet and a volume knob made of solid metal or acrylic.


The amplifier family - KHV, "basic line" and "professional" - was developed and optimized on the high-end headphones HD800 by SENNHEISER. After the first tests with a variety of low-impedance headphones it appeared that with a tiny modification an equally outstanding interaction with other types was given. Consequently a new board was designed for the unmodified circuit, which received a small switch with the optimal setting for low-and high-impedance headphones to be made ​​from the outside. You recognize the new board by the blue EPCOS film capacitors in the cathode outlet.


The circuit design is the "basic line" with a total of 2 and the KHV and "professional" is designed with 4 tubes: 2 triode pentode at the "basic line" and in addition 2 stabilizer tubes for KHV and "professional" for gain-independent stable anode voltages of the amplifier tubes. As with the other OTL amplifiers of the house also a board-supported design with gold-plated tracks laminated on both sides of 70μ was selected. Along comes a grouted TRANSTEC voltage transformer used in toroidal winding and protection technology with Mu-metal shielding. Only high quality matched components, including a classic RUWIDO-Poti in cast aluminum housing (first series) and the legendary blue ALPS potentiometer were used. Gold-plated headphone jacks and gold-plated Neutrik RCA jacks complete the equipment. The circuit is absolutely secure and stable for maximum safety and very high tube life. All in all, a phenomenal transmission bandwidth and pulse sequence was reached.


In May 2013 on the occasion of the High End Munich, EternalArts awarded the imaga hifi Award for the Headphone Amplifier KHV





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